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You can integrate the Maran tool with your own applications using the Maran SOAP Service.
All information concerning the invocation of the service with SOAP can be found in the WSDL-file of the service.
You can visit the Service Router at

We also provide a java client that can be run command line or called from within an existing java application.

Following clients are available:
* Client for command line use (with main method): MaranMain
* Client without main method: MaranClient

In order to be able to run the clients, be sure following java archive files are installed on your machine and added to the CLASSPATH environment variable, or are accessible to your application:
* JavaBean Activation Framework (activation.jar)
* JavaMail (mail.jar)
* SOAP jar file (soap.jar)

More information on using the clients can be obtained by compiling and executing the client with the --help option.

Of course everybody is free to implement his own client in the language of his choice using the SOAP specification. See the WSDL-file for implementation details.

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